Roads Program 2017, Phase I

As many of you are likely aware, this year’s municipal budget includes moneys dedicated to road pavings.  Over the previous two years, no roads were paved using borough funds (although the County and State did provide paving services to South River in 2015 and 2016. Montgomery Street was completed earlier this summer through a borough contract that was fully covered by a Department of Transportation grant.)

This year, we will be paving roads in two phases, the first will be utilizing borough funds to pay the county for use of their paving equipment and labor through a program they provide that is designed to offer savings to borough residents. This process has already been initiated and should begin once they finish up their current project.  Because only certain items quality under their program, for the second phase, we will be going out to bid for paving work.

Our Borough Engineer conducted an evaluation of roads in the borough earlier this year and provided a report to the governing body, making recommendations based upon a need assessment.  This assessment aimed to identify the roads around the borough that were in most critical need of being repaired.

Based upon this assessment, we were informed of 11 roads that were deemed in the most need of milling and repaving.

Based upon these findings, the first phase of our 2017 roads program will begin in the near future, as we become closer in the queue on the County’s list.  The milling, paving, and painting services will be conducted on the following roads:

  • Brook Street
  • Jeffrie Avenue
  • George Street (Wilcox Avenue to Thomas Street)

Because our roads program was nonexistent in 2015 and 2016 and the fact that roads still deteriorate over time, even when no program exists, the governing body determined that it was appropriate to make up for past years by increasing the investment into this program.  As a result, we have moneys available in our Capital Expenditures budget to pave roads as well.  We are currently in the process of evaluating which of the remaining roads on this list fit into our budget so that they can also be completed later this year.

We will provide an update to you when we have information regarding this second phase.  The recent council meetings have discussed these items and are included in the Agendas. We’ll have more soon. Stay tuned.